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Not Just a Vet Check!!!

Makaevo Kennels – leading the way in health testing.

The only Gold health tested dogs in the UK – May 2022

Here at Makaevo we are leading the way with health testing in the UK. We currently own the only Gold tested dogs in the UK. Many of our dogs have been tested for hips, elbows, heart and eyes with The Neapolitan Mastiff Club KC/BVA approved health scheme resulting in them achieving Silver and Gold awards. We have many more who have commenced the testing and the results will be shared soon.

We strive to breed from health tested parent. Puppies do not just have a vet check. Many adverts will say health tested parents and puppies. Check to see that this is not just a general vet check. We strive to have all of our puppies leave having been not only vet checked, but BVA eye screened.

The Neapolitan Mastiff club have a health testing scheme that is approved by the Kennel Club and BVA. The club has a Health Assessment form that was developed by the Breed Club with the assistance of other Breed Clubs and MRCVS Veterinary Surgeons.

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